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nirmal by Laboratorio Olfattivo - 100ml


nirmal by Laboratorio Olfattivo - 100ml

The Perfumer Rosine Courage The Inspiration A candid tissue that softly grazes the skin. The white color that becomes perfume of sweetness, serenity and quiet. Imagining a cloud of candid notes that spread in the air, the Nose has drawn a fragrance from the soft lines, accented by soft tones and accords. A perfume in which clear feelings and positive thoughts are mixed. The Fragrance Nirmal in hindi means "pure, immaculate." The original idea, transformed then in a fragrance by the Nose, was to create a perfume that was sincere and delicate as a loving caress. A simple and unforgettable perfume at the same time. To realize this dream the Nose has worked on a poudré base of sweet notes. In this way the impalpable being of the perfume penetrates in the skin to reach the heart of whom has chosen his wake. Soft and fluffy signs dissolve in a base of sweet leather.


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